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The Sky in Stereo- first look [Dec. 8th, 2011|02:42 pm]
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I just realized it's been 2 years since I released a mini-comic. Well, I have been working on a long, long project. It's a graphic novel, called 'The Sky in Stereo' and I'm ready to put out a 50 page chapter from it as a mini-comic (except I'm waiting for the Christmas frenzy to be over). It'll be in my Etsy store and with a few distributors in January, so in the meantime here's a sneak preview.
This chapter's about the teenaged protagonist Iris and her crap job and ill-fated crush on would-be rock musician and fellow burger-flipper Glen....
Here's the cover, sans text, and a coupla uncorrected pages (seems the final pages are on another computer. Oh well, you get the idea!):

I am nothing if not shambolic. Meh, I'm okay with that these days!