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Sad, sad news.... [Sep. 11th, 2011|12:38 pm]
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The artist and publisher behind Sparkplug Comics, Dylan Williams died this weekend. My heartfelt sympathies go out to his widow, family and his close friends. I was lucky enough to have met Dylan on multiple occasions and his support to me as a mini-comics artist has been so valuable. I'm so very grateful to him and can't quite believe he's gone. Many, many people in the comics community are going to miss him greatly.
I actually credit Dylan with introducing me to my husband, Ted May. Timing is everything and Dylan was the publisher of Ted's first book, It Lives which I happened to buy in the UK because Dylan was distributing it. When I first actually met Dylan I was a little over-awed, his reputation for all-around awesomeness preceded him and it was well deserved. He was very smart, generous, funny and talented, not to mention hard working.
Since then Dylan was always there to offer advice (I asked for it a bunch) and more than any one else, he's sold many copies of my minicomics through his distro and shown just incredible encouragement. I will miss him greatly.
If you're interested at all in mini-comics I urge you to check out the Sparkplug store and support his life work by purchasing books from them. He had a hand in many, many special books. Thank you Dylan. Man, we're all going to miss you. So very much.